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Thorsten’s Story

‘While I was on location in Japan filming the Jackie Chan Film ‘THUNDERBOLT’ a realisation dawned on me which just didn’t make sense to me at the time.

‘There I was on a day off resting in my hotel room, in the heart of Tokyo pondering and enjoying the fact that I was the co star opposite the biggest action star in the Far East, that I was part of Hong Kong cinema history with this biggest budget movie at the time, that I was never paid that amount of money before, that I experienced recognition and to some extent 5 star treatment during the period of filming (after it’s release I also had to sign autographs anywhere back in Hong Kong where people instantly recognized me on the streets and in restaurants).

But, while I was sitting in a rather big armchair in my hotel room, it suddenly hit me, despite all this, despite all the things I’ve been aiming for, despite enjoying everything that happened to me, there was fundamentally still something missing, I just had no idea what that was, something still hadn’t changed....’ suddenly hit me, there
was still something missing.

It was in Los Angeles after a long search which took Thorsten through many positive thinking books, through subconscious manipulation and visualization techniques, through a few Raji Yoga sessions, through new age books, Yogi books, Buddhist literature, glimpses through the Koran, an appointment with a monk at a temple.

It was on this search to find the truth about life that he finally opened up his heart up to the Bible and consequently asking Jesus into his life. There was a mixture of motives, some genuine some also selfish, because Thorsten thought that with God on board his movie career will only go from strength to strength...

Thorsten invited Jesus into his heart in February 1997 while he was living with an actor friend of his at a house at the beach, not far from the famous Muscle Beach in California.

‘This was the moment where my search was suddenly settled; what I seemed to look for but didn’t know what it was, that I found in Jesus when I asked Him into my heart. Even though circumstances aren’t always ideal, the peace He gives us is beyond anything the world can offer. From that moment I found something or I should say Someone who fulfills that what success, recognition, fame and all the rest of it can’t offer, even though we can enjoy those things.

‘Nothing really exciting happened’, Thorsten recalls ‘but a few hours later after saying my prayers to invite Jesus into my life, I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to get into my car to drive off to find a Church.’ And that was the start of his Christian journey.

Eventually, after traveling back to Britain Thorsten started to volunteer as a cameraman to record teaching sessions and sermons by Hugh Osgood for the God Channel and other broadcasters.

Thorsten is also involved in an outreach to elderly people homes and is part of a prison outreach team. He regularly sees people giving their lives to Jesus, no matter how old they are.

God still changes lives and He wants to change
yours as well.