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Some might remember Thorsten better as an actor and martial arts expert from his movie career which started in the Far East. The biggest movie on his CV is the Jackie Chan film ‘Thunderbolt’ (a then ‘Number 1’ South East Asia box office hit) where he is the Co-Star and, believe it or not, the lead villain.

It was during his ‘Hollywood’ days in Los Angeles that he found God. For a few years now Thorsten has been ministering regularly in retirement homes and is also part of a prison outreach team.

From being the lead villain in action movies to preaching the Gospel. God surely has a way of using His people.

A Time to Reflect

Over the past few years, Thorsten Nickel has ministered in various retirement homes and found that it’s never too late for people to come to know God. But how can people be encouraged more often than on occasional Sundays?

This DVD box set is the answer.